Yayasan Jasa Aviasi Indonesia (YAJASI) was established on 3rd of April 1993 under the name of Yayasan JAARS Indonesia with the founders: Agus Maniagasi, Oyang Amos Seseray, Hendrik Andreas Sarioa, Darsono Wijatmiko and Yan Mapaliey.

However, on August 10, 1993, there was a change of name from JAARS Indonesia Foundation to Yayasan Jasa Aviasi Indonesia (YAJASI) with the number change certificate: 28.

With the aim of continuing the vision and mission of Aviation in providing aviation services for unreached peoples with transportation services and becoming government partners in the development of complete human beings in Indonesia, YAJASI serves the needs of aviation in the Maluku and Papua region.

Services in the Maluku region only lasted until 1997 due to riots in Maluku so flight service was closed and transferred to Sentani-Papua.

Until now under the permission of Air Activities Non Commerce from the Directorate General of Air Transportation no. SIKAU / BN-017 issued in Jakarta for the third extension on August 16, 2012 and is valid indefinitely, YAJASI already operates 10 (ten) aircraft each: 2 (two) Piper Aztec aircraft with PK-UCC registration and PK-UPD (on the ground), 4 (four) Helio Courier aircraft with registration (PK-UCA, PK- UCB, PK-UCD and PK-JAA --- on the ground), 5 (five) Pilate Porter with registration PK-UCE (Acccident 22 Sept 2011), PK-UCF, PK-UCI, PK-UCJ and PK-UCL and a PC 12 with registration PK-UCG.

YAJASI is also supported by 23 (Twenty three) foreign workers as volunteers with aircraft expertise (1 Pilot Instructor, 12 Pilots, 8 licensed aircraft engineer, 2 licensed avionic engineer) and supported by 41 (fourty one) Indonesian employees, YAJASI remains committed to providing safe, timely and affordable services to the community and as government’s partner


Yayasan Jasa Aviasi Indonesia

JL PLN Airport

Sentani 99352 Papua

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